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Brief History

It is very inspiring remembering our hotel’s humble beginning. In 1999 after attending a marriage encounter seminar in Baguio, we felt the need for a retreat house here in Pampanga and we thought of Hotel Gracelane. The name GRACELANE was originally the name of LOLA BENITA’S canteen in front of Don Bosco Academy, Bacolor, Pampanga. That canteen was closed after her death in 1978 so we thought of using that name in her honor. The two function rooms of Hotel Gracelane were also named after LOLO TOMAS and LOLA BENITA (parents of the owner). We did not know that God’s plan for Hotel Gracelane was different. Gracelane became a HALFWAY HOUSE for people who needed a safe and comfortable place to sleep and rest away from home, a place where people would meet and make plans for their businesses. Since then, Gracelane became a venue for so many important and memorable occasions.


We are committed to become a friendly and Christ-centered service organization.


  • To provide excellent quality of hotel service, to lend and influence competition, to promote and extend services for spiritual enlightenment and renewal.
  • To create a harmonious relationship among the workers and the management as well with clientele.
  • To implement an effective marketing strategy to attract customers and provide for future expansion.
  • To provide employment for individual in search for new careers.


Hotel Gracelane shall be one of the most prestigious among growing hotel chains in the Philippines and in the world with its unique way of providing high quality standard of service.


  • We ensure the career advancement of our employees.
  • We are one family.
  • Everybody is a peacemaker.
  • Our policies are people-oriented and everybody is treated fairly.
  • Everybody is committed to the task.
  • Management speaks and Employees listen; Employees speak and management listens.
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